Introduction to Ad Agencies and Key Accounts

Programme Objective:

To give participants an understanding the differences between advertising agencies and key accounts and the rest of the customer base.

Programme Learning Outcomes:

  • I can explain what an advertising agency is and its value to both advertisers and to media owners
  • I can explain what a Key Account is, the reasons they exist and the criteria on which we define them
  • I can explain the ways in which working with an advertising agency and / or Key Accounts differs from managing the rest of the local advertiser base.
  • I know what skills, knowledge and techniques I need to apply and observe when working with agencies and / or key accounts

Prior Learning /Competencies Required by Participants:

Session Plan

Slides with complete Trainers Notes

Exercises with instructions for use

    *INTRODUCTION TO AGENCIES AND KEY ACCOUNTS has been developed for use  with print and online products.

    If you would like a similar Programme for use with a different media channel please contact us.

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