Multi Media Masterclass

Programme Objective:

Participants will be able to  prepare and present a bespoke sales proposal which integrates a range of media /communication channels to deliver agreed customer objectives

Programme Learning Outcomes:

  • I can explain the reasons an integrated multi media campaign is more effective than use of a single medium.
  • I can explain the strengths, weaknesses and uses of all key media.
  • I can select the likely advertising objectives for any given customer.
  • I can match the customer's likely advertising objectives with the media best able to deliver them.
  • I can select where appropriate, non traditional communication opportunities to add value and stand out within an integrated multi media campaign.
  • I can demonstrate the incremental benefits of a bespoke multi media solution over existing advertising activity.
  • I can prepare and present a (3 month) integrated multi media schedule to include audience delivery, cost, and value by product.
  • I can aggregate print and online audiences to produce and present multi media campaign value (CPT).
  • I can present an integrated multi media proposal to an advertiser..

Prior Learning /Competencies Required by Participants:


Participants should have attended, or be able to demonstrate the competencies defined for Selling the Print / Digital Combination

Programme Resources

Session Plan

Slides with complete Trainers Notes

Exercises with instructions for use

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